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piggy bank

Having between us wasted approximately 22 years doing the most boring and tedious job there is, we thought we might as well put in to practice some things we’ve learnt from our previous careers.

The maths are pretty simple, we have a certain amount of money to last us our trip, once its gone we go home or break visa regulations and live on some tropical island, so we have to make sure we make the most of our wonga wherever possible.

While in each country we’re going to keep a tab of all our costs, and hopefully make this money last as long as we possibly can.

We split our costs into 6 categories:

  • Accommodation – We’re not ones for staying in posh hotels, all we are looking for are clean rooms as cheap as possible, allowing us to use our money for more ‘fun’ stuff.
  • Food – As you all know, we both love eating, and nothing will stop Danny eating as much local food as he can. We won’t be doing any fine dining (Qatar aside) instead we will be eating the best local food we can find, often from street vendors and cheap restaurants/cafes.
  • Transport – Where possible we will choose the cheapest means of transport there is, buses over tuktuks and walking over taxis.
  • Beer – Probably our weakest link, we’ll try and keep this under control, but if you can’t enjoy a beer on the beach at the end of the day, then I’m not sure what you can enjoy!
  • Drinks – All this walking and sightseeing is thirsty work, all nonalcoholic drinks will go here.
  • Misc – This is what the accountantsĀ amongĀ us call sundries, and will know is a potential dumping ground for all unidentified costs. Some people travel the world, sit in their hotel rooms and miss all the great sights/activities around them due to costs. Well, there’s a good chance we’ll only be visiting these places once and we don’t see the point coming to a place famed for something and not experiencing it, so we’ll be making sure we do all the sightseeing and activities we like, all within reason of course!

So take a look at our country summaries to date and see what our money gets us:

Keeping up with the Omars – Our Brunei budget

Money madness in Malaysia

Running out of rupees, our Nepal budget

Sharing a squatter, India on the cheap

Racking up the rupees, our Sri Lankan spend

3 Responses to Racking up the rupees, our Sri Lankan spend

  1. Simon Woods

    I just had one of those Efes beers which I bought from rhythm and booze in cudworth, very tasty I thought and typed it into google to see where its from and your page popped up! Not a bad drink, I think its from Manchester, or is that Turkey!

  2. Sandra and Dylan


    Wow! Breathtaking photos! So beautiful.
    Looking forward to India : )

  3. Natalie

    Spot the accountants on holiday!

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