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Kirin Ichiban – Japan

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All aboard the sushi train

In Japan the food options are endless, try ordering noodles from a vending machine, picking sushi from a conveyor belt or even ordering crazy Japanese food from a waitress dressed as a maid. Below are some of the best food items that we tasted during our trip to Japan. Tempura The Japanese version of fish … Continue reading »

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Nikkoji Beer – Japan

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Konnichiwa Japan and arigato gozaimasu

Tokyo So, two of us arrived from Malaysia, the other two from Barnsley. United we all were, tired and weary in a strange land of short legs, black hair, slanted eyes, funny writing and a very weird mother tongue. All was not lost, Boothy had packed his trusty well worn Japanese phase book albeit it … Continue reading »

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Asahi Super Dry – Japan

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Yebisu Black Beer – Japan

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From beer or hot tea in cans from vending machines, love hotels, mega cities, karaoke for breakfast, harrowing history lessons, toilets with remote controls, riding the bullet train, climbing Mount Fuji, Geisha spotting, food to die for and high standards – Japan is not one we’re willing to miss although we know we could be … Continue reading »

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