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All aboard the sushi train

In Japan the food options are endless, try ordering noodles from a vending machine, picking sushi from a conveyor belt or even ordering crazy Japanese food from a waitress dressed as a maid. Below are some of the best food items that we tasted during our trip to Japan. Tempura The Japanese version of fish … Continue reading »

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Bursting the burka at the seams – Feasting at Ramadan

We visited Brunei in the heist of Ramadan, a religious festival which to me makes no sense. Muslims set the alarm for the crack of dawn to which they awake scoff their faces with food and drink before sunrise, then go hungry/thirsty all day in the blistering heat until 6/7pm when they then gorge like … Continue reading »

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Mouthwatering Malaysia

The first thing you realise when landing in Kuala Lumpur is that everyone is obsessed with eating, at every turn you will see hundreds of hawker stalls selling everything from the standard fayre of rice and noodles, to the freshest fish pulled out of the water that morning. Over the next 5/6 weeks we would … Continue reading »

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Dal Bhat power 24 hour, no sleep no shower

Arriving in Kathmandu Nepal, we were greeted with our first experience of proper tourist fodder. Hundreds of restaurants serving very average portions of everything from pepperoni pizzas to fish and chips however, explore the local villages and you’ll get a chance to witness food from all different Nepali traditions being served up. Dal Bhat Tarkari … Continue reading »

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No woman no cry, No chapati no chai

Almost 3 months in India is guaranteed to put your stomach through its paces, both for good, and for bad. Below are some of the better memories from our time spent in this foodie heaven of a country. Samosa Found in frozen party packs all over the UK, the samosas in India couldn’t be much … Continue reading »

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Me and me Mum and me Dad and me Gran and a bucket of Vindaloo

Having eaten at far too many Indian restaurants, and cooked hundreds of curries, I thought I was pretty much an expert when it came to Indian cuisine, so it was a big shock when I sat down to enjoy my first curry and didn’t understand 90% of the menu. South Indian food is rarely seen … Continue reading »

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‘Wodee’ you wanna eat?

Whilst in Sri Lanka I have been lucky enough to join guesthouse, and restaurant chefs in the kitchen, and learn how to make their spicy tasty curries. And yes, while the national dish of rice and curry will be found on every menu in Sri Lanka, there are snacks a dozen to give Greggs a … Continue reading »

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Once, twice, three times a curry

Often referred to as a watered down India, Sri Lanka has more variations of food than Jimmy Saville has (insert sick joke here). However the comparison is noticeable, with many spices, curry leaves, and fresh veg, all often growing in a Sri Lankans back garden. For this reason I’m finding it difficult where to start … Continue reading »

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Dining with Gordon, It aint bad this travelling lark

This little oil field across the water from Dubai is like the noisy neighbour of the Arab world. From what I saw on the food scene, street food, and local food does exist to some extent, but there seems to be a massive influence from the Iranians/Lebanese, pretty much what you should expect I suppose … Continue reading »

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Better than a Turkey Dinner

Being in Istanbul for 3 days I did a pretty good job of making sure I tried as much of the local food as possible, even if this meant eating various kebabs in between meals. Below are some of my favourite Istanbul foods which I managed to get in my belly.

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