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Sri Lanka

Racking up the rupees, our Sri Lankan spend

After 2 days in Sri Lanka and already parting with more rupees than we’d wished, it was apparent we’d have to start keeping tabs on our money or we’d be back to crossing that Gibraltar runway twice a day with the rest of the ants in the world. We headed to Sri Lanka with no … Continue reading »

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The Sun Sets on Sri Lanka

Dalhousie Two bus journeys, three hours and a pee stop later we arrived at Dalhousie, home to Adams Peak, a mountain that stands 2,243 metres tall and is said to be the first place on earth that Adam (as in Eve) stepped foot on earth. Pilgrims from all over Sri Lanka flock to Dalhousie to … Continue reading »

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Three Coins Lager – Sri Lanka

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‘Wodee’ you wanna eat?

Whilst in Sri Lanka I have been lucky enough to join guesthouse, and restaurant chefs in the kitchen, and learn how to make their spicy tasty curries. And yes, while the national dish of rice and curry will be found on every menu in Sri Lanka, there are snacks a dozen to give Greggs a … Continue reading »

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No milk just 10 sugars please

Ella Following our Safari in the morning and a quick 5 minute recovery from the bone shaking pot hole dodging jeep, we dove straight onto a much bigger bone shaking pot hole dodging public bus towards a place called Ella which sits 1041 metres above sea level. The journey was very picturesque and very different … Continue reading »

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Lion Lager – Sri Lanka

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Getting to know the locals

Unawatuna Having turned off instead of snoozing the alarm again we finally rose from out slumber about 10am. Keen to make the most of the day we took a Tuktuk to Unawatuna to join the locals down at the beach celebrating Poya day.  Poya day is a holiday everywhere in Sri Lanka when the locals … Continue reading »

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Once, twice, three times a curry

Often referred to as a watered down India, Sri Lanka has more variations of food than Jimmy Saville has (insert sick joke here). However the comparison is noticeable, with many spices, curry leaves, and fresh veg, all often growing in a Sri Lankans back garden. For this reason I’m finding it difficult where to start … Continue reading »

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Sri Lanka

Sun, sea, countryside, tea, curries, wildlife, lovely people, I could go on and on, Sri Lanka has pretty much everything we need to make our 4 weeks here a good un. Our journey through Sri Lanka: Please check below to see our posts from Sri Lanka:

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Welcome to Sri Lanka ka ka ka ka ka ka………….

Here we come! After a slight delay at Dubai airport we touched down at 5.45am in a very humid Colombo. As soon as you walk through the nothing to declare aisle the chaos gets you – Welcome to the madness of Sri Lanka. Claire at the airport exit

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