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Painting the ‘Tarn’ red

Udaipur Fresh off our 17 hour, 944km train journey (which costs less than a Barnsley – Meadowhall return) we were greeted in Udaipur to a sign which read ‘Caire Rowley’ for our free tuk tuk to what would be our home for the next few days. Udaipur known as the ‘city of lakes’ lies in … Continue reading »

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From Boulders to Bollywood Baby!

Hampi Valiantly, against the rays of the blinding dawn sunrise  and the fifty or so hollering touts, we desperately tried to actually get off the dam bus in Hampi. Finally off the bus and smiling

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‘Goa’ ing BARMY in Goa

Palolem With very little indication it was our train stop, we squeezed past the well fed, gold laden Indian wives dishing out various homemade breakfast delicacies to there ever expanding family members whilst, as ever, the gaunt ‘pen always in upper shirt pocket’ husbands provided the now common tranquil morning backdrop sounds of throat clearing … Continue reading »

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Cruising through the Chaos – Welcome to India

Madurai Our ‘Spicejet Bombadeer 400’ propelled off from Colombo, Sri Lanka at 14.35pm landing safely (if not a little shaky) one hour later. Once Danny persuaded customs to let him through again, we gritted our teeth, clinched on to the luggage trolley and nervously shuffled through the nothing to declare isle to the chaos and … Continue reading »

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The Sun Sets on Sri Lanka

Dalhousie Two bus journeys, three hours and a pee stop later we arrived at Dalhousie, home to Adams Peak, a mountain that stands 2,243 metres tall and is said to be the first place on earth that Adam (as in Eve) stepped foot on earth. Pilgrims from all over Sri Lanka flock to Dalhousie to … Continue reading »

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No milk just 10 sugars please

Ella Following our Safari in the morning and a quick 5 minute recovery from the bone shaking pot hole dodging jeep, we dove straight onto a much bigger bone shaking pot hole dodging public bus towards a place called Ella which sits 1041 metres above sea level. The journey was very picturesque and very different … Continue reading »

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Getting to know the locals

Unawatuna Having turned off instead of snoozing the alarm again we finally rose from out slumber about 10am. Keen to make the most of the day we took a Tuktuk to Unawatuna to join the locals down at the beach celebrating Poya day.  Poya day is a holiday everywhere in Sri Lanka when the locals … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Sri Lanka ka ka ka ka ka ka………….

Here we come! After a slight delay at Dubai airport we touched down at 5.45am in a very humid Colombo. As soon as you walk through the nothing to declare aisle the chaos gets you – Welcome to the madness of Sri Lanka. Claire at the airport exit

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Living the high life in Qatar

Touch down in Doha After a very chilly but sunny few days in Istanbul we happily touched down in Doha Qatar via an hour in Dubai transfer lounge. Bright and early – 8am to be exact Beno, Claire’s brother was there to meet us coffee in hand. After a quick introduction to the nail biting … Continue reading »

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East meets west, a city of two halves

A sad farewell to the Tarn We were waved off by family and friends at the boozer and then as we departed Barnsley International Interchange. Claire lasted at least 30 minutes before she nodded off just past Sheffield. Adios Tarn

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