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Chhaang – Nepal

Posted by on July 8, 2013

Nepal Pokhara, Poon Hill Trek 200

Place – Nepal

Drink – Barley Chhaang

Date – May – June 2013

Price – 100 rupees for 1l bottle (£0.72)

Strength – Depends on the brew, I’d guess between 4% and 10%

Highlights – Proper local tackle, Can be served hot or cold

Brought to Nepal by the people of Tibet, Chhaang is brewed in Sherpa homes all over the country by passing hot water through fermented Barley, millet or rice grains. Chhaang tastes like a cross between a traditional English cider and a traditional English bitter, and while that may sound a bit weird the end result is a mugfull of cloudy white yumminess. According to legend , the Yeti is partial to a tipple of Chhaang and is known to raids local villages just to get his big fluffy hands on a pint or two. These days Chhaang is brewed in local villages, bottled in to recycled water bottles and sold only in places you’d find Sherpas, Gurkhas and Tibetans. Locals also believe that this drink is so good that a cup of warm Chhaang is the perfect cure to fighting the common cold, fevers and even alcoholism. Although the picture makes this drink look like something you may find in the local fertility clinic it was bloody lovely and deserves a 4.5 pint award.

4.5 star beer

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