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In a country 13 times the size of the UK and with almost 1.5 billion people we’ll be making our way through the backwaters of Kerala, to the Bollywood of Mumbai, taking a dip in the Ganges, marvelling at the Taj Mahal and doing a bit of tiger spotting on the way.

Our journey through India:

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Cruising through the Chaos – Welcome to India

8 Responses to Cruising through the Chaos – Welcome to India

  1. chaitanya

    i think u saw many Indian colors ……

  2. Alex nichols

    Great post lids, keep it coming!

  3. David Tegart

    If you don’t have plans to go to Hampi yet, make them. The best place I went to in India.

  4. Booithy

    Is that cutlery in your 1st ever authentic Indian curry? What happened to hands only?!

    • livingonbeans

      Serving spoons, think that’s the norm, don’t worry though I’m doing all India fork free, my right hand is starting to stain, then again, worryingly so is my left!

  5. cynthia

    brilliant keep up the great work Danny’s tshirts seemed to be getting bigger or has he just bought new ones.
    Has your hair recovered yet Danny ! Miss you both loads so keep up the site its just great.

  6. Gaynor Marais

    Not sure how I feel about this mention in the post… Considering I’m sitting makeup free reading it!

  7. Big TP

    Hey Funsters, my favorite blog yet! Based on the 1st real Indian curry looking unbelievable (best pic of a Curry I have seen) and you now both donning fisherman pants #propertravellers

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