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Keeping up with the Omars – Our Brunei budget

Posted by on November 6, 2013

Arriving in a country built on oil and home to a crazy rich sultan who had his pants pulled down for the worlds most expensive haircut at 24,000 usd we weren’t sure how far our pennies would go, however once in Brunei you realise not everyone is profiting from the land and there are still some cheap options out there.

All daily prices below are for the 2 of us (for all the non mathematicians, if you want single cost – divide by 2!).

Being a country of mega Muslims it’s forbidden for unmarried couples to share the same bed, unless of course you pay a lot of money and stay in a swanky hotel. That’ll be us sleeping in the separate gender youth hostel then. Male and female are segerated, and anyone found to be trespassing in the opposite genders corridor  will be punished. It cost us 20 Brunei dollars (£10.55) for our 2 dorm beds.

If you’ve read our Brunei food post you’ll know we visited Brunei during Ramadan, therefore food expenditure was somewhat limited. We managed to find a Chinese owned cafe which put us together some lunch for 6 dollars (£3.16), then pigged out at the night market for 8 dollars (£4.22) putting our Brunei daily spend at 14 Brunei dollars (£7.38).

Arriving in Brunei one morning and leaving the next we managed to navigate the capital Bandar Seri Bagawan on foot, leaving our daily transport spend at 0.

It is forbidden to sell alcohol in Brunei meaning Danny was treat to a rare day off the booze. Another 0 spend.

With no money spent on booze and water not allowed to be consumed in daylight hours we were forced to buy liquids on the black market. A bottle of water cost a scandalous 2 dollars (£1.05), an iced coffee 3 dollars (£1.58) and a couple of crazy market drinks 3.50 dollars (£1.84). Our average daily drink spend for Brunei was 14 Brunei dollars (£7.38)

With only a day in Brunei we didn’t have much chance to spend a load of cash doing stuff like we normally do, however still managed to spend 20 dollars (£10.55) on a trip around the water village, and 8.90 dollars (£4.69) on tacky souvenirs, totalling 28.90 Brunei dollars (£15.25) on miscellaneous.

In total our one day in Brunei cost us 76.90 Brunei dollars (£40.58), probably the lowest we could have possibly spent having slept in seperate dorms, staying out of the western cafes and hiring a local boat to explore the water village.

One Response to Keeping up with the Omars – Our Brunei budget

  1. Booithy

    You’ve managed to find the one bloke in he world who spends more on a haircut than Gab. Wonder if he looked just the same afterwards as well…

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