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Kingfisher Lager – India

Posted by on April 15, 2013
India Palolem 018

Kingfisher Lager, India

Place – India

Drink – Kingfisher Lager

Date – Feb – April 2013

Price – 130 rupees for 625ml bottle (£1.50)

Strength – 5%

Highlights – Extremely cheap in Goa (Less than a quid), pretend to be Heisenberg

The King of good times, Kingfisher is a beer which I really enjoy drinking in the UK, so I was over the moon to find this is THE beer that is available everywhere in India . In my opinion there’s no better drink to accompany a curry than an ice cold beer, so when I ordered my first Indian curry I couldn’t order a cold Kingfisher fast enough. At first I enjoyed the Kingfisher, but the more I drank it, the more I realised a sour/bitter after taste which ruined the beer flavour. After a bit of research I found out this sour after taste was caused by Glycerine, which is added to Indian Kingfisher in order to keep the beer preserved in the heat, what a sh*tter. I’ve since done a bit of research in the lab, and found that if you turn the bottle of beer in to a glass of water, as the glycerine is heavier than water the glycerine floats to the bottom of the water leaving a nicer tasting beer. As this beer isn’t always a pleasure to drink, and often is only nice after you’ve played mad scientist, it pains me to give Kingfisher a 1 pint award, but please note, this is Indian Kingfisher only, the UK version is actually quite delicious.

1 beer

Removing glycerine Heisenberg style

Removing glycerine Heisenberg style

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