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Lion Lager – Sri Lanka

Posted by on February 5, 2013

Lion Lager, Sri Lanka

Lion Lager, Sri Lanka

Place – Sri Lanka

Beer – Lion Lager

Date – Jan – Feb 2013

Price – 250 rupees for 625ml bottle (£1.25)

Strength –  4.8%

Highlights – Ultra smooth taste, excellent bottle/logo

Made by the Ceylon brewing company, Lion is the most popular (and often the only available) lager in Sri Lanka, and it’s pretty obvious why. Lion can be enjoyed in the sun on the beach, or in the hills within the tea plantations, this beer has it all. Smooth to taste, blonde in colour and ultra refreshing, this lager really is good as lager gets. This lager is almost always served in bottles, and generally served with generic stubby beer mugs. One of my favourite things about this lager, is the ‘devilled’ crisps you can get to accompany a cold lion, proper crisps, coated in a very spicy seasoning. I’m a big fan of this lager, and would really like to give this a 5, however due to the lack of the lager on tap, and limited supply of Lion glasses (only ever received one once), I’m going to have to give Lion Lager 4.5, definitely something to roar home about.

4.5 star beer

3 Responses to Lion Lager – Sri Lanka

  1. Danielle

    Never mind the beer, what about the wine and pineapple juice? (and eggs).

    Your blog is brilliant by the way. Big CR you should be a professional photographer, but you probably won’t need to work as your blog will get published into a bestselling travel book!

    x x x

  2. Alex

    Sounds like a belter, we are thinking of purchasing some (at massively inflated prices) to audit your taste buds!

  3. Big TP

    Does Carling still get a 3/5 when you compare to this?

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