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About Us


Mombassa, Kenya Sept 2010

Mombassa, Kenya Sept 2010

Hello all and welcome to Livingonbeans, so glad you found us. We hope you keep logging on to see where we have got to and what we are up to.  We will be taking as many photos as possible so we can look back  in years to come at our great adventure and be so grateful at having the opportunity to do this- we also hope some of you may visit us along the way! It’s going to be a roller coaster no doubt and there will be heaps of stories to tell when, and if we ever come home!

How and why did we get here?

I really didn’t even want to start with the words ‘two accountants go in search of self discovery’ as 1. I never want to hear the term accountant again and 2. We ain’t planning on self discovering anything other than actually getting off our backsides and finally seeing this fantastic place we call earth. Yep, we’ve already heard the comments ‘those two are crazy, they’ll never settle down, they’ve got a great life already blah blah blah’ and you guys were right on all counts, we probably never WILL settle down and be content with what we have but, whilst you lot are sat reading this at home on your comfy settee with your feet up, a nice brew and a chocolate hobnob happy as bloody Larry, we will also be happy knowing that we aren’t doing exactly that- just yet……….

So, this is gonna be the big one, the trip of all trips, the opportunity of a lifetime, the one we said we would eventually get around to doing.  The hours of planning something like this even questions the worthiness of a sky tv subscription, there’s just so much we want to see! Why now I hear you say? Well, we’ve worked hard the past couple of years after accidently stumbling into a great life in Spain and now’s the time to bite the bullet……….  (Slightly earlier than planned thanks to a nice redundancy package)! Don’t get me wrong, Spain has been an amazing time, we loved it here and could probably settle into a very acceptable 2:4 children way of life forever but hey, who are we REALLY trying to kid?!

So where are we off? We’ve got the cash, we’ve got the gear, now we just need to decide how to use it. It’s actually more challenging planning a trip of a lifetime than any bullshit exams we’ve ever studied for. Putting this website together ain’t exactly easy either! I’ve finally got over question number one ‘who exactly owns the internet’ and that took several conversations with the IT geeks at a BBQ to get that one sorted (thanks Dave). I’m hoping by the time this thing goes live we will have answered the penultimate question cos if ‘our route’ page ain’t filled in, I’ll have to figure out how to delete it!

You get one chance on this earth and we are going to go and see it! Take care guys and miss you lots, enjoy the posts and feel free to send us as many messages as possible- they’ll be plenty of long haul journeys to read them on!

Lots of Love Danny & Claire x

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Em

    Is playing the lotto every week in hope I can catch you up :) miss you loads, I hope you are loving every second of your dream xxx

  2. Stefana

    YEAH! Fabulous plans guys – Good for you for doing it!!
    Wish I were there too!
    Have an amazing time, looking forward to the next update :)

  3. Mirj

    awesome story and yep…you guys are doing what so many people want to do, I hope one day I can follow in your footsteps (although the packing part would be a slight problem for me!!)
    Miss you lots guys, hope to come and see you somewhere during your trip! xxxx

  4. Andrew Bacon

    I work with ur old man has told me about ur adventures its nice to see how the other half live and I wish it could be me and our lass gd travels will be watching have fun and be careful x

  5. M&Dxx

    Great site keep up with photos none available yet just enjoy and think of all snow you are missing

  6. Booth

    Living on beans eh? There goes the ozone layer…

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