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Orangutan Monkey Juice – Malaysia

Posted by on September 9, 2013


Place – Malaysia

Drink – Orangutan Monkey Juice

Date – June 2013

Price – 20 ringgit for 350ml bottle (£4.00)

Strength – 25%

Highlights – Only local brew found, Cheap to swig on the beach

Before arriving in Malaysia and particularly the Perenthian islands, I’d done quite a bit of research of what to expect when it comes to supping. To be honest, i was extremely worried when I found out all alcohol was imported to the country, and then, on top of that, had to come from the mainland by boat just to reach the island. However, there was a little glimmer of sunshine in my research and that came by the name of local drink called Monkey juice.

Unsure if we were about to reenact a scene from Indiana Jones, we quickly bought a bottle of the said monkey juice and mixed with plenty of ice and the cheapest soft drink from the local shop. Fortunately, the only Indiana Jones reenactment after a 350ml bottle of monkey juice was attempts of forward rolls and trying to catch a lizard on the way home, as this sweet vanilla rum went down a little too we’ll at 25%. Not being a huge spirit drinker I was surprised just how nice this monkey juice was, and as one of only 2 Malaysian alcohols we found it has done the country proud with a respectable 3.5 pint award.


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