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Pineapple Wine – Malaysia

Posted by on October 2, 2013

Malaysia K Hghld, Miri, Brunei, KK, Sepilok, Uncle Tan, Sep & KL 041 (850x1280)
Place – Malaysia

Drink – Pineapple Wine

Date – July 2013

Price – Free

Strength – Unknown %

Highlights – Homemade jungle tipple, tastes better when its free

The Kelabit highlands is one of the only areas in Malaysia that doesn’t bow to Allah, and with some of the freshest pineapples in the world at their disposal they know how to make the most of the ones that don’t make it into the upside down cakes. Offered to us by an old tribe couple whom we stopped with after our days trekking through the jungle, pineapple wine is sweet and fruity and reminiscent of something Grannies drink around Christmas. As the saying goes ‘owt for nowt’ so we made sure we duly obliged and finished the best part of the vase you can see in the picture. Pineapple wine was a refreshing taste from the imported pricey beer we’d been drinking over the past 2 weeks and deserves a score of 3.5.


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