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Home to the 2022 world cup, this little place is full of skyscrapers, desert and┬áluminous┬áchickens! We called on our way east to see Claire’s brother who has recently sold his soul to the Arabs.

Our journey through Qatar:

Please check below to see our posts from Qatar:

Dining with Gordon, It aint bad this travelling lark

Living the high life in Qatar

8 Responses to Living the high life in Qatar

  1. Stefana

    I want a blue chicken!!!!

  2. Mirj

    Bloody awesome, not at all jealous here!! xxx

  3. Neil

    Man U??!

    Qatar looks amazing, so chuffed and not at all jealous looking at these pictures in work. Doubt the money will last long in 5 star hotels!

  4. Booth

    Looks fantastic! World cup trip number 2 on the cards??

  5. Allen Pinheiro

    Hello there
    Very well made and nice to see these few pics which gave me a quick reminder of our meeting at the pool lounge.
    see you all again and have a great journey through the Indian waters…


    And to all the readers…..the Friday brunch was 60 quid each….not 6 Danny


    Tarnished lad….get a shirt that fits theeeeee

  8. Victoria Jackson

    This made me chuckle.. haha. Sounds like you had fun! All you can eat for that cheap? I’d have exploded! :)

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