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Royal Challenge – India

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Royal Challenge, India

Place – India

Drink – Royal Challenge

Date – April 2013

Price – 140 rupees for 660ml bottle (£1.64)

Strength – 5%

Highlights – Can sup overlooking the Taj, Another glycerine heavy beer

Another elusive Indian lager, I’ve only ever seen this available in the state of Utter Pradesh, and to be honest it’s probably best of staying there. It’s not that this beer isn’t nice, it’s just ladened with the gloopy, bitter glycerine which has made the last 3 months feel like hell booze wise. I’ve only tried a couple of these, and after draining as much glycerine off as possible, this beer is drinkable, however there’s only so many times you can ask for an extra glass of water , make a huge mess on the table and still feel dissatisfied with the end result. For this reason I’m going to give it the same score as Kingfisher, a general pissy score of 1.

1 beer

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