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For me, 99% of our trip will be trying various food from around the world.

Please see below for my latest favourites:

All aboard the sushi train

Bursting the burka at the seams – Feasting at Ramadan

Mouthwatering Malaysia

Dal Bhat power 24 hour, no sleep no shower

No woman no cry, No chapati no chai

Me and me Mum and me Dad and me Gran and a bucket of Vindaloo

‘Wodee’ you wanna eat?

Once, twice, three times a curry

Dining with Gordon, It aint bad this travelling lark

Better than a Turkey Dinner

3 Responses to Better than a Turkey Dinner

  1. Stefana

    Fabulous photos you guys- looks like a blast!

  2. Victoria Jackson

    It all looks amazing, and that’s coming from a vegetarian! The mackerel sarnie sounds yummy.

    I bet it’s going to be lots of fun trying out the local food everywhere you go! x

  3. Alex

    Kebab looks good!

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