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Three Coins Lager – Sri Lanka

Posted by on February 18, 2013

Three Coins Lager, Sri Lanka

Three Coins Lager, Sri Lanka

Place – Sri Lanka

Drink – Three Coins Lager

Date – Jan – Feb 2013

Price – 250 rupees for 625ml bottle (£1.25)

Strength – 4.8%

Highlights – A very posh bottle, easy to drink

Golden with a light body, three coins lager is an all malt beer fermented to give a sweet aroma, and a smooth taste. According to the bottle, this 100% Sri Lanka owned beer is made with only deep spring water from Medoga, and is crafted to suit all palates. While I enjoy 3 coins lager, this has a somewhat ‘light’ lager feel to it, similar to something the Yanks would brew. A lot less popular than Lion lager, three coins is served in a champagne style bottle, and served in generic beer glasses. 3 coins is the perfect lager to drink if you’re a bit beer’d out, and need something a bit less strong, but……… its very rare I’m beer’d out, I’d rather order a Lion, so will give this a 3 pint award.

3 star beer

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