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Travel Blogs


Not bothered about what’s making us fat, what we’ve been supping or how much we’ve spent, and just want to look at our travel photos and read our stories?

Check out the posts below:

‘Fin’tastic Philippines

Whoopa Gangnam Style!

Konnichiwa Japan and arigato gozaimasu

A swift stopover to see the Sultan – Brunei

Borneo to be wild

Diving feet first into Malaysia

Namaste Nepal – To the top of the world and back

Losing my religion – An end of an India

Camel Toe, Tigers, Taj & Turbans

Painting the ‘Tarn’ red

3 Responses to Painting the ‘Tarn’ red

  1. Francesca

    Love the pictures, hope the elephants are well taken care of! they are supposed to be sacred or something over there aren’t they.
    Looks like you guys are having a blast,

    • livingonbeans

      Don’t worry Fran, Claire wouldn’t go anywhere near anything that was cruel to animals. Yeah the Elephants are treat like kings, the Cows are treat even better!

  2. cynthia

    not another dog how many is that you have adopted?love the painted faces a def improvement and as you can’t wash it all out guess what you can buy new clothes keep up the great work love you mumxxxx

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