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Travel Blogs


Not bothered about what’s making us fat, what we’ve been supping or how much we’ve spent, and just want to look at our travel photos and read our stories?

Check out the posts below:

From Boulders to Bollywood Baby!

‘Goa’ ing BARMY in Goa

Cruising through the Chaos – Welcome to India

The Sun Sets on Sri Lanka

No milk just 10 sugars please

Getting to know the locals

Welcome to Sri Lanka ka ka ka ka ka ka………….

Living the high life in Qatar

East meets west, a city of two halves

5 Responses to East meets west, a city of two halves

  1. Sarah

    Love this website, brilliant job guys! Will defo keep check on this, and I am reading this while sat on couch n I’m well jel!!! Lookin forward to some food updates. Take care xxx

  2. Victoria Jackson

    I’m so jealous of your trip. Just catching up on the old blog posts now. Sounds like you had a great time here! Pics are brilliant.

  3. Gaynor Marais

    Pics are amazing, feel like I’m on this tour too!!

    Keep it up!

    BTW – Danny not sure whats got me gawking more the increase in weight or the dodgy hair dye!!

  4. Neil Butterfield

    Have you only got that one blue hoodie Spaniel?!

  5. Mike Jackson

    Danny, living on beans will be good for you.

    Looking a bit chubby round the facial area on this pic.

    Hope you are both having a goodun.

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