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Yebisu Black Beer – Japan

Posted by on January 9, 2014

Japan Tokyo, Disney, Nikko, Mount Fuji 095 (493x640)

Place – Japan

Drink – Yebisu Black Beer

Date – July 2013

Price – 600 yen for 3/4 of a pint (£4.28)

Strength – 5%

Highlights – Meal in a glass, first dark beer in a long time

Brewed by the Sapporo brewery of Tokyo this dark beer is only found in special watering holes around the city. Brewed using dark roasted and caramel malts this beer has hints of chocolate, and could easily be guzzled down as a dessert. Finished in true Japanese style this beer also has a slightly soy sauce taste to it. Not sure if this is a ninja drink of choice, more likely to be drank in a cold English boozer on a winters night. I give this beer a 3.5 pint award.


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